Dasiglucagon in a ready-to-use rescue pen

Dasiglucagon is being developed to offer a stable ready-to-use rescue treatment for severe hypoglycemia.

All type 1 diabetes patients and the most severely affected type 2 patients depend on insulin injections to maintain blood glucose. Consequently, patients must monitor and adjust their blood glucose levels to remain in proper glycemic control, as both high and low blood glucose may affect their health, both in the short and long term. 

Severe hypoglycemia is an acute, life-threatening condition resulting from a critical drop in blood glucose levels associated primarily with insulin therapy. The condition of severe hypoglycemia is most frequently seen in people who inject insulin multiple times per day. Severe hypoglycemic events occur when blood glucose levels become critically low, and are among the most feared complications of diabetes treatment.

The first Phase 3 trial is completed, and a second Phase 3 is ongoing, both with results expected in 2018.