Zealand as a workplace

Everyone at Zealand cares deeply about our patients, communities, partners, and each other. We pride ourselves on our ability to work together as one team to drive performance, and foster a strong company culture founded on collaboration, innovation, empowerment, and trust.

We acknowledge both team-based and individual achievements, celebrating our successes and learning from things which fail. Our organizational structure and governance enable short decision-making processes, open communication, and transparency – striving to create an inclusive environment where everyone has the ability to think and act as a leader.

We believe that happy, engaged employees with a passion for making a difference bring a positive and inspiring energy to work. At Zealand, we’re changing lives through next generation therapeutics, and both our peptide science and amazing employees are at the center of the solutions.

Why Zealand

Our goal is to offer new and reliable innovations including peptide-based treatment options that ease the burden on patients, their caregivers, and organizations that advocate and support the evolving needs of the disease areas in which we specialize. We have a robust and ambitious pipeline, with a goal to have five commercialized products by 2025. You can engage in a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on this important work.

Our corporate social responsibility commitments

The environment
We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and climate through responsible consumption and production.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
We aspire to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of our organization. Through inclusive leadership and working together as one team, we ensure everyone is empowered, respected, supported, and valued.

We strive to practice inclusion in all aspects of our work and firmly believe that both diverse management teams and people with different perspectives are best suited to drive performance and promote creative thinking.

We prioritize employee wellness and have several policies in place to promote physical and mental wellness, ensuring you maintain a safe, healthy, and motivating working environment.