Corporate social responsibility

We believe that operating, as a responsible company that serves broader economic and societal interests will best create value by enabling us to attract and consolidate relations with customers, suppliers, investors and key stakeholders, while attracting and retaining our employees.

At Zealand, we work to improve care for patients and deliver value for our shareholders. Our CSR efforts are based on the requirements of the Danish Financial Statements Act, and we comply with relevant laws, standards and guidelines for reporting on CSR activities. We focus on topics most relevant to our core business and the well-being of our employees, as they are the foundation of our success.

Internally we work with well-being, including health, safety and labor practices and diversity across all levels of the organization, as well as organizational development. Externally we work to create a better life for patients through collaborations with different patient organizations and advocacy groups within our disease areas.

Emphasis on selected areas

At Zealand, our particular emphasis is on the areas that are most relevant to our business and operations:

  • Working environment and employee well-being
  • Diversity
  • Quality in relation to research, development, and supply chain activities
  • Patient-centric approach
  • Environmental sustainability and climate
  • Business ethics

Our corporate social responsibility agenda is an area of continued focus, with new initiatives being added as our business develops.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Engaging with our community – locally and nationally

We play an active role in the local community. We have established a collaboration with local job centers to offer “on-the-job training” opportunities at Zealand for refugees in order to strengthen their integration into Danish society.

To benefit our employees and the environment, we are part of a coalition with other companies, governmental institutions and municipalities to ensure better access to public transportation.

At national level, we work closely with academic institutions, in various ways, to improve job opportunities for graduates, for example by offering short-term assignments, internships and mentoring of master’s and Ph.D. students.

Supporting patient organizations

We work to create a better life for patients and are proud to be working with the following patient organizations within our disease focus areas:
• The Oley Foundation, U.S.
• Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, U.S.
• Association for Crohn’s and Colitis, Denmark
• Association for Users of Home Parenteral Nutrition, Denmark
• Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
• DiaTribe, U.S.
• T1D Exchange, U.S.
• American Diabetes Association, U.S.
• NORD – National Organization of Rare Diseases
• CHI – Congenital Hyperinsulinism International

Expanded Access Policy

Zealand Pharma is developing medicines that address unmet medical needs. Patients with serious or life-threatening diseases may have exhausted all available treatment options and may seek access to investigational medicines. This access may be identified as Expanded Access, Compassionate Use, Special or Early Access, or by other names depending on the country from which the request is being made.

At this point in time, Zealand Pharma does not allow Expanded Access to an investigational therapy. Please continue to check our website for updates to this policy.