Meet us

Kennet – laboratory technician, molecular pharmacology

My name is Kennet and I have had the pleasure of working as a laboratory technician at Zealand for the last 14 years.

I work in the department of Molecular Pharmacology where I establish in vitro assays for the purpose of screening many different types of peptides. As part of this, I master primary cell purification from hearts and blood, phage display, mitochondria respiratory measurement and the liquid handling robot (Tecan) etc. When setting up assays, I ensure we properly assess and measure the functional activity of the different peptides, and for me it is very exciting to set up the correct assays. I am also extremely proud to be one of the inventors of our unique gap junction assays.

I am mainly involved in early stage development projects which I find very interesting. These projects allow me to be involved from the very beginning and I get to see different ideas grow into great programs in our pipeline of novel drug candidates. It is very rewarding to see the early development projects I was a part of, advance towards the ultimate goal of successfully treating patients.

An informal working environment with lots of humor
“The working environment at Zealand is very informal and characterized by a lot of humor. I know that I can always rely on my colleagues for help and in turn, they can also count on me for help and feedback.”

This way of working means that I can rely on them in terms of professional matters but also very much on personal matters.

Working at Zealand
I value working with innovative and motivating colleagues and also value the freedom and responsibility I am given at Zealand. My colleagues are all very talented and ambitious and this motivates me to do my best every day. It also means that everyone is ready to perform at their highest level in order to achieve a common goal.

Jens –Application scientist, pharmaceutical development

My name is Jens and I work as an application scientist in the department of Pharmaceutical Development and I have been at Zealand for three and a half years. I started in an industrial Ph.D. position in collaboration with iNANO, Aarhus University, where I worked in early development projects to improve formulation technologies.

After concluding my Ph.D. I have continued at Zealand Pharma as an application scientist. In this position I have the pleasure of continuing work in the laboratory, where I focus on the laboratory equipment we use to measure and characterize different peptide formulations.

In the daily work I support the use of commonly used laboratory techniques (CD, DLS and SEC-MALS). While the long perspective of my position is to standardize our use of these techniques and to find and investigate novel technologies that may be used for faster and better formulation Measurements.


Ambitious colleagues and an agile organization
I am driven by science and research and am passionate about peptide technologies. It is a natural ambition for me to constantly try to broaden my horizons and to learn new skills, and my work at Zealand allows me the opportunity and platform to do so. I get to interact with curious and ambitious people on a daily basis and I am constantly challenged by their input.

Working at Zealand
“The relatively small organizational size of Zealand allows you to get to know all your colleagues and makes it easy to freely share and discuss ideas with people with many different experiences and skills.”

One of the main things which impressed me about Zealand is the great working environment, which is characterized by an open and friendly team spirit.