Our approach

Zealand has a successful history of developing peptide therapeutics and is accelerating pipeline growth through internal research and in-licensing opportunities.

We have an established and experienced clinical development organization that has successfully advanced promising product candidates through Phase 2 development, and we have gained the necessary competencies and
infrastructure to pursue late stage clinical development and product registration.

Our research team is focused on applying our peptide platform to core specialty disease areas to bring forward novel therapies for the treatment of metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases.

Our peptide platform and technology

The strength of our peptide platform lies in our deep understanding of the role of peptides in normal physiology and disease. This enables us to select and modify native peptides using our expertise in peptide chemistry and computational drug design to identify potential novel therapeutics. It is underpinned by our extensive knowledge of peptide formulation, half-life extension technologies and strong intellectual property platform bringing together excellence in research, formulation and drug discovery.


Our therapeutic focus

Our therapeutic focus lies in specialty disease areas where peptide-based medicines have particular relevance and where the patient populations are easily identifiable and treated by specialists. We are moreover focused on specialty disease areas where we believe the present standard of care is inadequate and where we believe that we have the resources to advance our peptide-based product candidate into the later stages of clinical development including registration and potentially commercialization.