Corporate governance

Zealand’s approach to corporate governance is founded on ethics and integrity, and forms the basis of our efforts to ensure strong confidence from our shareholders, partners, employees and other stakeholders have in us.

An open and transparent communication is the best way to maintain the confidence of our shareholders, and we achieve this through company announcements, investor meetings, company presentations, our company website and social media.

As a company listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, Zealand follows Danish securities law and is guided by the Corporate Governance Recommendations issued by Nasdaq Copenhagen. We are committed to providing reliable and transparent information about our business, development programs and scientific results in a clear and timely manner.

At Zealand, we regularly review our rules, policies and practices with the purpose of improving guidelines and policies for corporate governance, so that we meet
our obligations to shareholders, employees, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders while maximizing longterm value.

Zealand has in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act, section 107b, prepared the following reports on corporate governance.

Articles of association

The document is in Danish and English.

Articles of association

Remuneration policy and overall Guidelines for Incentive pay

Charter of the Audit Committee

English version

The charter of the audit committee

Charter of the Remuneration and Compensation Committee

English version

The charter of the remuneration and compensation committee

Rules of Procedure of the Nomination Committee