Zealand as a workplace

We believe in small is beautiful and the lean structure of our organization helps to keep us agile and efficient. We have an inclusive corporate culture where we care about our colleagues, our external stakeholders and not least the people we develop medicines for. We acknowledge both team-based and individual achievements and we celebrate our successes while trying to learn from things which fail. We have an organizational structure with short decision making processes, open communication and a high information level.

Approximately 80% of our employees are engaged in Research and Development functions with the remaining 20% working in Business development, HR and administrative functions, including Finance, IT, Facilities, Legal and IR and Corporate Communication.

We believe that diverse management teams and people with different perspectives are best suited to drive performance and foster innovative thinking. We have an even distribution of women and men and approximately 19% of our employees are non-Danish. Our corporate language is English.

Employees are fundamental to our success

Our employees are fundamental to our success, and we continue to be able to attract and retain people with vast experience and talent. We have a unique
culture, characterized by excellent teamwork and strong engagement across the organization.

Our working environment

Key to our success is the competences and innovative drive of our employees coupled with an organizational culture and structure which support open and dynamic interactions across functions.

Our work environment is characterized by:

Cross functional team-work: Only if we openly and constructively share information and knowledge can we optimally advance our ideas and products and make Zealand really successful. So our individual performance is measured against team effectiveness. For the engaged and curious employee, we strive to have room for engagement in new areas and tasks.

Room for individual performance and development: In our organization every employee and his or her contribution is of high importance. We acknowledge this by offering rich opportunities for individual performance and development – both professional and personal

Informality and respect: All our employees are important and we have no hierarchy in our everyday work. We engage with each other at all levels of the organization in an informal, yet always respectful way. We speak our mind and dare to challenge.

High work-ethics and engagement: At all levels of our organization and across functions, our work and our approach to new tasks are dominated by nerve, passion and engagement. We really care about what we do and not least how we do it.

Fun: All employees at Zealand work hard and with a high degree of commitment and engagement. Part of our dedication is born by the fact that it is also fun to work at Zealand. We believe that only if you also have fun every day, can you perform optimally and deliver your best.