Amylin Analogue, ZP8396 for Obesity

Obesity is a complex chronic disease that requires long term management. It is among the leading risk factors for several cardio-metabolic diseases such as heart disease, ischemic stroke, and liver diseases. Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975, with nearly two billion adults considered overweight.

ZP8396 is an investigational, potent long-acting amylin analogue designed to improve solubility, minimize fibrillation and allow for co-formulation with other peptides, including GLP-1 analogues. Amylin analogues hold potential as both mono and combination therapies for obesity. In preclinical studies ZP8936 has shown potent anti-obesity effects.

ZP8396 is undergoing clinical testing for the treatment of obesity. For more information, see (identifier: NCT05096598)