An amylin analog as an alternative to GLP-1 receptor agonists for weight management

Petrelintide is an investigational long-acting amylin analog for once-weekly subcutaneous administration that has been designed with chemical and physical stability at neutral pH, minimizing fibrillation and allowing for co-formulation with other peptides. 

Amylin is produced in the pancreatic beta cells and co-secreted with insulin in response to ingested nutrients. Amylin analogs have been shown to increase satiety by a direct effect on the amylin receptor and by restoring sensitivity to the hormone leptin. This is in contrast to GLP-1 receptor agonists that primarily lower body weight by reducing appetite.

Current clinical or preclinical data suggest a potential for long-acting amylin analogs to deliver a reduction in body weight that is comparable to GLP-1 receptor agonists but with improved tolerability for a better patient experience and a high-quality weight loss through the preservation of lean muscle.

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Phase 1

Development status

We are evaluating petrelintide in a Phase 1b multiple ascending dose (MAD) clinical trial.

In Part 1 of this Phase 1b MAD trial, low doses of 0.6 mg and 1.2 mg petrelintide administered weekly over six weeks showed an average weight loss of -5.3% and -5.1%, respectively. Petrelintide was well-tolerated with no serious or severe treatment-emergent adverse events and no withdrawals from the trial. All gastrointestinal adverse events reported were mild. These results were reported in 2023.

Part 2 of the MAD trial is currently exploring significantly higher doses of petrelintide over a longer duration of 16 weeks.

In a previous Phase 1 trial to assess single doses, one single dose of petrelintide 2.4 mg led to average weight loss of -4.2% after one week. These results were reported in 2023.

Petrelintide is an investigational compound whose safety and efficacy have not been evaluated or approved for marketing by any regulatory authority.

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