Meet us

Mette – laboratory technician in medicinal chemistry

My name is Mette and I work as one of Zealand’s peptide synthesis specialists within the department of Medicinal Chemistry and have been employed at Zealand for the last three years. It is my job to synthesize and purify peptides for optimized drug-like properties such as receptor selectivity, efficacy and half-life and physical/chemical stability.

Strong cross-departmental collaboration
I am involved in many projects producing and manufacturing new peptide medicines in close collaboration with scientists across various departments. Together with departments in R&D I contribute in taking new peptide therapeutics, taking them all the way from the initial idea phase through to drug candidate selection. We all work as a team in order to continuously enrich Zealand’s peptide therapeutics competence platform by challenging ourselves every day.

There is a wide range of different people and cultures at Zealand and we are all encouraged to speak openly and to challenge one another. The working environment is positive and trustful, and I find this helps to give me new ideas and insights to carry out my job function to the best of my ability.

Working at Zealand
At Zealand, we all contribute to the development of novel peptide therapeutics with our different competences, skills and personalities. Our open culture allows us to challenge one another and provide constructive feedback. The professional approach towards all projects and tasks contributes to a working environment with respect and room for different views.

“I am proud to be part of the Zealand family and to be able to work every day with such friendly, talented and dedicated colleagues. They, together with the many interesting projects I am involved with, are the main reasons why I love my job so much”.

Wayne – principal scientist, pharmacology

My name is Wayne and I have worked as a Senior Scientist, in the Department of Pharmacology, at Zealand for five years.

In my role at Zealand, I support projects at different stages of preclinical discovery (from idea generation to lead optimization) with experimental data, as well as providing pharmacology support to clinical programs (preclinical study designs, engagement with KOLs, IND updates, partnering discussions).

My work also includes the management of laboratory technicians, design and performance of in-house in vivo studies, design and outsourcing of in vivo studies to CROs and to collaboration partners (large pharma, small biotech and academic institutions). I greatly value the diverse nature of my role at Zealand. The range of people and companies that I engage with on a daily basis inspires me in my work and I am driven by working in such an open and international environment.

Working at Zealand
As a British person working in Denmark, it is important for me to work in a company with open-minded and respectful colleagues. Zealand is very focused on its employees and is dedicated to helping us increase our knowledge and gain new skills, and I am grateful to work within such an organization.

“During my time at Zealand, I have broadened my knowledge base to cover several disease areas, as well as adapting from the more ‘structured’ drug discovery concepts used in large pharma to the ‘flexible’ approach used in biotech.”


Maria – scientist, bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics

My name is Maria and I am a scientist in the Department of Bioanalysis and Pharmacokinetics where I have worked for the last three years. I hold a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in analytical chemistry.

My primary tasks are to support the development of peptide medicines in the early pre-clinical stage. I am responsible for the bioanalysis, which includes performing the pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, building the models and trying to predict the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) correlation of our novel peptide compounds. I find my work extremely interesting and treasure the working environment at Zealand, which is characterized by a mixture of research and business, openness to new ideas, cross-team collaborations on one hand, and practical problem solving on another. All these aspects make Zealand an ideal workplace for an interested scientist like me who is always searching for new ways of doing things.

Multi-cultural organization with an innovative working culture
“Zealand has an ‘agile’ approach to drug discovery and gives people the freedom and the mandate to pursue interesting opportunities whether related to science/projects or personal career development. This means a lot to me.”

The international profiles of Zealand’s employees create a diverse organization with great openness and interest in other cultures. The working environment at Zealand is characterized by being innovative, humorous, competitive and engaging.

Working at Zealand
I greatly value my colleagues at Zealand who are always ready to help and support if needed. Being a relatively new employee, it means a lot to be welcomed with open arms and friendliness from colleagues. Their kindness has meant that I quickly got involved in on-going projects and got insight into the company.


Kennet – laboratory technician, molecular pharmacology

My name is Kennet and I have had the pleasure of working as a laboratory technician at Zealand for the last 14 years.

I work in the department of Molecular Pharmacology where I establish in vitro assays for the purpose of screening many different types of peptides. As part of this, I master primary cell purification from hearts and blood, phage display, mitochondria respiratory measurement and the liquid handling robot (Tecan) etc. When setting up assays, I ensure we properly assess and measure the functional activity of the different peptides, and for me it is very exciting to set up the correct assays. I am also extremely proud to be one of the inventors of our unique gap junction assays.

I am mainly involved in early stage development projects which I find very interesting. These projects allow me to be involved from the very beginning and I get to see different ideas grow into great programs in our pipeline of novel drug candidates. It is very rewarding to see the early development projects I was a part of, advance towards the ultimate goal of successfully treating patients.

An informal working environment with lots of humor
“The working environment at Zealand is very informal and characterized by a lot of humor. I know that I can always rely on my colleagues for help and in turn, they can also count on me for help and feedback.”

This way of working means that I can rely on them in terms of professional matters but also very much on personal matters.

Working at Zealand
I value working with innovative and motivating colleagues and also value the freedom and responsibility I am given at Zealand. My colleagues are all very talented and ambitious and this motivates me to do my best every day. It also means that everyone is ready to perform at their highest level in order to achieve a common goal.

Jens –Application scientist, pharmaceutical development

My name is Jens and I work as an application scientist in the department of Pharmaceutical Development and I have been at Zealand for three and a half years. I started in an industrial Ph.D. position in collaboration with iNANO, Aarhus University, where I worked in early development projects to improve formulation technologies.

After concluding my Ph.D. I have continued at Zealand Pharma as an application scientist. In this position I have the pleasure of continuing work in the laboratory, where I focus on the laboratory equipment we use to measure and characterize different peptide formulations.

In the daily work I support the use of commonly used laboratory techniques (CD, DLS and SEC-MALS). While the long perspective of my position is to standardize our use of these techniques and to find and investigate novel technologies that may be used for faster and better formulation Measurements.


Ambitious colleagues and an agile organization
I am driven by science and research and am passionate about peptide technologies. It is a natural ambition for me to constantly try to broaden my horizons and to learn new skills, and my work at Zealand allows me the opportunity and platform to do so. I get to interact with curious and ambitious people on a daily basis and I am constantly challenged by their input.

Working at Zealand
“The relatively small organizational size of Zealand allows you to get to know all your colleagues and makes it easy to freely share and discuss ideas with people with many different experiences and skills.”

One of the main things which impressed me about Zealand is the great working environment, which is characterized by an open and friendly team spirit.


Tine – head of finance

My name is Tine and I have worked in the Finance Department at Zealand for the past 10 years, first as Controller and since March 2015 as Head of Finance.

My job is to ensure that the company’s finances are in order. This includes budgeting, financial reporting to the Executive Management and Board of Directors as well as internal and external financial reporting. My role allows me to interact with all our different departments and employees at Zealand and I value the breadth of competences and skills that our employees represent. Aside from this interaction, my role gives me an insight into Zealand and the many different projects that are underway. It is very important to me to have this insight and to continuously learn from my colleagues.

Zealand is a small organization where we care for our colleagues and the people we discover medicine for. Our scientists come up with great ideas daily and it is therefore important that we diligently and stringently select the ones with the greatest potential.

A strong identity and can-do attitude
I really enjoy the nature of my job. I find it very motivating to be involved in establishing a certain culture and mind-set within a team. I have always wanted to work in a team where loyalty, unity and a “can do” attitude are the norm and I am grateful to be able to play a part in influencing my team to feel the same.

Working at Zealand
“Zealand is focused on educating employees and ensuring that they all have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain new competences. If you have ambitions and show initiative at Zealand, you will be given the lead and responsibility to drive things forward. I find this very rewarding in a setting where people mutually respect each other both professionally and personally.”

One of the things I value most about working at Zealand is the good work-life balance. I have three small children and Zealand is very supportive of this. I am given the opportunity to work from home when I need to, which gives me great flexibility in my everyday life.