Contact information

Zealand Pharma U.S., Inc.
434 W 33rd Street
PH Floor
New York, New York 10001

Zealand Pharma A/S
Sydmarken 11
2860 Søborg (Copenhagen)
Phone: +45 88 77 36 00
Fax: +45 88 77 38 98

Zealand is located at Sydmarken 11 in Søborg (use Søborg as the town on your GPS), approx. 10 km west of downtown Copenhagen and 30 min by car from Copenhagen International Airport. We are situated in Medicon Valley, the area around Greater Copenhagen and the southern part of Sweden.

Investor Relations and Press Inquiries

Lani Pollworth Morvan
Investor Relations and Communications
Phone: +45 50 60 37 78

Shareholders can access a wide range of investor information via the shareholder portal.
The shareholder portal is maintained by Computershare A/S. If you need support, please contact Computershare by fax: +45 4546 0998 or by e mail:


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