Privacy Policy

Updated on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The purpose of this privacy statement is to set out how Zealand treats certain information that is given to us when you use our website. Some of the data that our website collects is collected automatically and some is collected when you enter your contact information onto certain parts of the website.

This policy will explain, or direct you other parts of its website that explain, how Zealand handles particular kinds of data.

Cookies – Information that is collected automatically

A cookie is a small piece of software that is inserted onto your browser that permits our website to recognize that you have been here before. This process is automatic and it is stored on your computer. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can configure your browser not to accept cookies. Check in your browser’s help menu for instructions about how to deactivate cookies or instructions on how to do this are available on the web (for instance on where you can also find information about how cookies work).

Cookies contain information that can be used to, for instance, create user statistics, and identify the browsers used by users. Many of these functions are used directly to improve our website and your user experience. Cookies can be used to prepare statistics of how visitors use the website. Zealand can use cookies to obtain information about your computer including your IP address, browser type, geographical location, length of visit and number of page views.

For such web use statistics, third-party cookies are used by Zealand. With such tools website owners can improve their websites. As a third party (for instance Google) provides third-party cookies. These are not created by Zealand.

Zealand Pharma’s website uses third-party cookies that are common on websites. A cookie from Zealand cannot access information on the user’s computer, and it cannot spread computer viruses or any other harmful software. Cookies can identify an IP address but otherwise do not allow us to identify any individual user.

At Zealand, we use cookies to:

  1. Measure how often a visitor has been on the site and when the visitor’s first and last visit took place.
  2. Measure how much time a visitor spends on

This cookie expires after 30 minutes.

Zealand also uses data from:

  1. Google

(a)  “Analytics” that employ cookies that provide information to us on how long a user of spends on the website and which browser the user has used. This cookie is deleted after 2 years. This time period is set out by Google.

(b)  “Search” that provides similar data to Google Analytics, but this cookie is deleted as soon as the user closes the search session.

  1. YouTube that provides us with information on how long a video that is uploaded is viewed by a user and other details about the user’s general geographic location. It expires after 9 months.

Newsletter – Information that is collected by us if you ask us for it on our web site

On the news, ( section of our website there is a template that permits you to enter your details and in particular, you can enter:

  1. Your first name and your second name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. And which releases you want from us.

We store all this information internally so that we can then send out information to you when there are developments in the company that you may want to know about. We do not use this data for anything else and no one outside the investor relations function of Zealand has access to this on a routine basis.

If you want to stop receiving this information from us, please let us know using the e-mail set out on that section of our website after which we will delete the information that is on the mailing list and ensure that you are not contacted again.

You are always welcome to sign up again.

Media Inquiries – Information that is collected and stored if you make a media inquiry

On the media inquiries ( section of our website there is an e-mail address where you are invited to send any media questions.

These e-mails are sent directly to our Head of Communications. Some of these e-mails can be forwarded to other people within the company, where it is relevant. The company stores a selection of these e-mails if they are relevant for the company’s present or future activities.

Except where specifically retained, the normal practice is to delete this e-mail once it has been responded to save for the normal back up of the IT system.

Investor Relations – Information that is collected and stored if you ask us for it.

On the news ( section of our website there is an e-mail address where you are invited to send any investor relations questions.

These e-mails are sent directly to CFO and one person with in the controlling function but will be answered by by the CFO where it is appropriate to do so. Some of these e-mails can be forwarded to other people within the company, if relevant (for instance to get information to answer the questions). Some of these e-mails are stored if they are relevant for the company’s present or future activities otherwise they are deleted (except if part of the normal back up).

Except where specifically retained, the normal practice is to delete this e-mail save for the normal back up of the system.

Employment – Information that is collected if you apply for a position.

Applications that are advertised on the website

On the career section of the website, we will occasionally set out positions that are open in the company and you are welcome to apply using the contact details that are set out on the advertisement.

In order to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have a strict procedure for handling information that is supplied to us during an application process. This process is set out on the career section of the website (

Unsolicited Applications

If we receive an unsolicited CV, it will be examined by Human Resources and forwarded to the relevant people within the company for review. If we decide that, we want to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your application you will be contacted by the relevant department. If you are asked for a meeting then your details will be treated in the same way as any applicant, but deleted if we decide not to offer you a position.

As your application is unsolicited if you do not hear from us, this means that we have decided not to proceed with the application. At this point, we will not retain any of the e-mails or the information that you sent and the internal policy is that all the people that have this information are asked to delete them once they are no longer useful. Should we however wish to keep your unsolicited application on record, you will be asked to give your consent first.

General Contact Information – Information that is collected if you ask a general question.

On the general contact ( section of our website there is an e-mail address where you are invited to send any general questions that you have.

This e-mail is sent to Human Resources and reviewed periodically by the Human Resources department. The e-mail will be forwarded to the relevant person in the company if that is relevant. The e-mail is then deleted from the general in-box unless there is a specific reason to retain it.

Except where specifically retained, the normal practice is to delete this e-mail save for the normal back up of the system.

Privacy and GDPR

This Privacy Statement explains how we process your personal information. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information.

If you have a general question about privacy or have a query related to GDPR, please use the general contact e-mail address and it will be forwarded to person responsible for review.

Data Controller

The entity responsible for the processing of your personal information is:

Zealand Pharma A/S
Smedeland 36
2600 Glostrup
CVR: 20045078
Tel: +45 88 77 36 00

The contact details with regards to data privacy are as follows:

Personal information submitted on our website will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purposes specified in this Privacy Statement or in relevant parts of the website.

We may use your personal information to:

  1. Statistics and optimization of user experience on website: Personal information is collected by your use of our website. We use these details to optimize the user experience on our website. See also our cookie policy above.
  2. Provision of our service: Personal data is used in order to contact you if you subscribe to the e-mail alerts service, which is available on the Investors and News section of our website.


We do not disclose any of the information we have collected about you unless we have your permission, or where we are required or permitted to do so by law. From time to time, we may use companies to help us manage our website. We will ensure that any information transferred outside your country of residence, will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Additionally, such transfer will only be made if appropriate safeguards are in place e.g. by use of EU Model Clauses for data transfer, a copy of which can be obtained by contacting us or by the EU-US Privacy Shield certification.

Your Rights

You may request us to:

  1. Provide you with information on the personal data that are being processed about you; the purposes of the processing; the categories of recipients of the data; and any available information as to the source of such data;
  2. Correct, erase or block personal data we hold about you if these turn out to be inaccurate or misleading; or
  3. Discontinue the processing of personal data relating to you.

You may always lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority, e.g. The Danish Data Protection Agency,

You can take steps to exercise your rights by contacting