Patrick Böiken

I found Zealand’s values and culture deeply appealing.
Job Title: Commercial Director

From a young age, Patrick’s determination first led him to pursue football internationally. Ultimately, Patrick chose an academic path, yet his passion for sport clearly influenced his university and career path. 

After a master’s degree in human physiology, Patrick discovered his passion for health and the complexity and interconnectivity of the human body. 

With his first job in health care at a large medical device company, Patrick found his trajectory in commercial organizations. 

After 7 years, Patrick was ready for change. And once he listened to an interview with Zealand Pharma’s CEO, Patrick knew he had discovered his next career step. 

“Zealand Pharma's CEO’s vision on the importance of the company's unique culture resonated strongly and was apparent from the very beginning. Looking at my team, they are highly supportive. Not only are they empathetic, they’re also smart, fast, and ambitious.”

Finding a fit at Zealand

Shortly after starting his work at Zealand, Patrick began working in obesity – a complex, rapidly emerging therapeutic area, unique with an enormous global impact.

“Working with forecasting the future therapeutic landscape, unmet needs, and the commercial environment to navigate in obesity, is a privilege. It's a great fit for my personality and interests, with a background in human physiology and chronic healthcare.”

Working in the commercial department, Patrick collaborates with many different people across the organization on topics ranging from competitive intelligence and therapeutic area strategy to market research and valuating Zealand's assets commercial opportunities.

But working with so many people does not come without challenges. 

Many departments want to collaborate and need input from the commercial team. And while it’s sometimes challenging to keep up, it also motivates Patrick. 

“I am motivated by the people at Zealand’s intellectual curiosity, reflections and desire to spar on how the obesity market might develop commercially. Just like in sports, we are a team that influences each other's perspectives and the decisions we ultimately take in the organization."

Inspiration from sport

While Patrick doesn’t find much time for playing football anymore, he still carries with him everything that sport taught him.

“I learned a lot from football, about life and the attitude you need to bring with you. You are not going to be able to succeed alone, so you have a responsibility to help those around you succeed when you can, and that momentum drives change. That's why I see Zealand as a team.”

Patrick believes there’s a clear connection between sports and work. He sees everyone is trying to do their best and that this is a winning recipe and maybe secret behind Zealand's success.

“Zealand is full of smart and kind people. Your colleagues are going to be great. They genuinely want to be good at what they do, and they want to work with others.”

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