Kamal J Kaur Sekhon 

Knowing that your work has the potential to change somebody's life is a very good feeling.
Job Title: Medical Scientific Communications Manager


Kamal moved from India to Denmark with her master’s and a PhD in biotechnology in hand. Once she arrived in Denmark, Kamal began her postdoc at the University of Copenhagen and later continued this academic path working in research and teaching at Aalborg University Copenhagen. Her career progressed through various other positions, including time on editorial boards of impactful scientific journals. Still, something was missing.

“It was a good experience, and all the research excited me initially, but I’m a people person and academic research can be a lonely process,” Kamal shared.

A dream job

In her search for a new role, Kamal discovered scientific communications in a corporate context, an area which joined Kamal’s desire to interact with people with her experience in researching, writing, and reviewing scientific articles. It was a perfect match.

“This is a dream job,” Kamal says. 

“In addition to the welcoming and supportive people at Zealand, I get to spread all the great science and compelling research coming out of Zealand to the rest of the world.” 

Knowledge and learning is still exciting

Kamal has extensive scientific knowledge from her academic background, but that doesn’t mean she has stopped learning. She learns every day from her surroundings. 

That is because communicating science is not something that can be done alone. 

To gather the information needed for various research publications, Kamal depends on a wide variety of functions throughout Zealand – including scientists, clinicians, pharmacologists, statisticians, and more.

“I get to work with big teams and have to translate and convey their functional and individual perspectives into our communications. That is challenging at times, yet very interesting and rewarding for me.” Kamal regularly collaborates with 80 – 90% of the company, working with a lot of people, diversifying her point of view, and strengthening her interpersonal skills. 

“I also use these soft skills to be a part of job interviews for new team members. Being a part of this process makes me feel valued and that my voice is being heard.”

A dream team (and culture) for Kamal

Kamal describes her team as close-knit and solid. Medical affairs at Zealand is a diverse, 11-member team with people in Denmark and in the U.S.

“The team works collaboratively and trusts each other, creating an invaluable cross-functional environment that fosters connections with the wider medical community,” Kamal adds. 

In general, people at Zealand are enthusiastic and passionate about their work, Kamal emphasizes. In addition to the research being done at Zealand, the company culture inspires her. 

“I can feel that people come here with a purpose because they really want to achieve something.”

Wherever you work in Zealand, you can accomplish something and have an impact.  

“Coming to work and knowing that you are a part of something big and remarkable, that your work has the potential to change somebody’s life, is a very good feeling.” Kamal concludes. 

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