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Charlotte og Nina

Zealand’s R&D approach and focus

Zealand has extensive knowledge of peptide design and product development of peptide-based medicines. Our in-house competencies include a deep understanding of peptide chemistry and functionality coupled with extensive experience applying structural design principles to develop novel medicines.

For each new project we apply our capabilities to identify novel peptides with optimal therapeutic profiles in terms of efficacy and safety as well as ensuring cost effectiveness and development of strong Intellectual Property (IP) protection.
Our R&D organization is structured to progress a novel investigational peptide medicine effectively through preclinical development, including establishment of proof-of-mechanism in cell based disease assays (in vitro) and in key animal disease models (in vivo).

Over the past few years, we have expanded and strengthened our development competencies downstream to include a strong clinical experience team including quality assurance and regulatory.

Focus on specialty disease areas

Zealand’s therapeutic focus lies in specialty disease areas where peptide-based medicines have particular relevance, where the patient population are easily identifiable and treated by specialists and where there is likely to be a clear unmet medical need to be fulfilled by better medicines.