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Peptide drug discovery collaborations

To help sustain our leading position in the innovation and development of effective, safe and cost-efficient peptide drugs, our business development team – together with our leading scientists –continuously scout the market to identify relevant and value enhancing partnering opportunities among peptide technology providers and new approaches to peptide drug design and optimization.

During 2011, we engaged in a new peptide drug discovery collaboration (Pepscan Therapeutics) and towards the end of the year, joined in a novel peptide research consortium (Venomics). Also, we have gained valuable knowledge in the field of peptide stability enhancement via a two-year collaboration (ending in March 2012) with Polytherics, a UK-based company with a well-established PEGylation technology.

Further, we have several collaborations with academic institutions and recently have initiated a focused and structured process to screen and evaluate early-stage in-licensing and technology transfer opportunities from selected universities worldwide.