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Our partnering strategy

At Zealand, we have a proactive and focused strategy for partnering

The foundation for our partnering strategy is to make sure that our inventions are based on strong science and patent protection, and that in parallel we maintain our focus on patient needs and fully understands the commercial potential of a novel drug candidate. Without this, Zealand would not be able to attract high calibre partners and engage in rewarding partnerships aimed at building value for patients and caregivers and for the company’s shareholders.

Keeping innovative science, partner attraction and patient appeal aligned:

Patients and payers – the market

  • Identify the unmet medical need
  • Evaluate the merits of products on the market and in development
  • Understand the risks and reasons for recent clinical trial failures
  • Identify key drivers for payers

Partner – the customer

  • Understand the licensing requirements for the major pharma companies
  • Identify therapeutic trends and focus areas
  • Identify the pipeline gaps

Peptide – the product

  • Innovate naturally based peptides with specific activity and novelty
  • Select indications where peptides offer a well-defined beneficial therapeutic effect

The pillars of our partnering strategy;

Develop novel ideas in areas, where there is identified interest from the pharmaceutical industry

  • Strive to maintain our reputation as a high quality drug discovery organization to continue attracting top tier pharmaceutical companies to commercialize Zealand peptide drugs
  • Secure alliances that provide Zealand with additional insight, expertise and understanding to continually complement our in-house activities and replenish our pipeline
  • Ensure Zealand maintains its leading position in peptide drug development by embracing the latest technologies via partnerships
  • Seek constant dialogue with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to share and build knowledge and fertilize future collaborations
  • Build long-term partnerships based on mutual interest, respect and competence sharing
  • Apply our expertise in peptide development to ensure our partner alliances advance and mature rapidly