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Corporate Social Responsibility

CEO statement
Zealand has made a pledge to formalize and disclose the core values that have underwritten our success, in which corporate social responsibility has played an important part. To acknowledge and further develop this facet of our business, Zealand draws from the most pertinent elements of some of the most widely implemented CSR initiatives in the world, notably the Global Reporting Initiative and the United Nations Global Compact.

Zealand has found in these two systems complementary frameworks for both guiding and reporting its CSR activities along several principles in the areas of human rights, the environment, labour and anti-corruption. In addition to these, we have supplemented a provisional category for animal rights owing to the unique exigencies of our industry.

Zealand’s CSR report does not reflect a static system of initiatives and policies. It is an ongoing process that adapts to accommodate new ideas and activities to keep the company up to date with the developments within this area.

English version

Statutory report on corporate social responsibility 2013

Statutory report on corporate social responsibility 2012

Statutory report on corporate social responsibility 2011

Dansk version

Lovpligtig redegørelse for samfundsansvar 2012

Lovpligtig redegørelse for samfundsansvar 2011